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Safety Equipment

Premium Products for Our Most Discerning Clients

Due to the myriad of safety products in the market that may be non-certified without proven protection, we thought that we should control the source and sales of safety equipment for the benefit of our clients. We do not trust anyone else with your safety.

Safety Equipment: Services

Sundstrom Resources

If you think safety is expensive, try an accident......

Our focus has been to be the single supplier for all of your protection needs when working in the Hospital Environment. Our clients feel peace of mind knowing that with one point of contact, the purchasing process is much more efficient and pleasant to manage. With Sundstrom Resources Sdn Bhd, all of your PPE needs are met quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, in the most cost-effective manner.

Safety Equipment: Welcome

Products Available for Purchase

Protecting you from top to bottom

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Full Protection

Full face mask, compatible with our PAPR fan unit for full protection without need for wear of goggles or other eye protection.

Half Face Mask

Protection with flexibility

Half face mask, small enough for everyday use, robust and offers full protection.

Quality Certified Coveralls

Full EN14126 Protection

Certified WHO Level 3 Coverall. Antiviral protection and breathable material for all day PPE donning in tropical weather.

Safety Equipment: Our Products

Premium Accessories

Particulate Filter

Compatible with Full-face and Half-face Sundstrom mask system


Small Talk ST2

Speak with comfort, compatible with Full-face and Half-face Sundstrom mask system

Wearing a mask does not mean difficulty of being heard. This is the best solution for perfect communications when donning your PPE. Volume control and clarity of speech is the perfect companion to your Sundstrom Mask.

Antifog Goggles

CE Certification for the eye protection you need.


Oxygen Regulator

Made to order oxygen regulator, contact us for our range of products available.

If you own the best high end car, would you use cheap tires? If you are using an hundred thousand ringgit ventilator ventilating an ill patient on high settings, would you use a cheap regulator? This is why we carry this product range and only deliver our stringently tested regulators to our clients. There is no room for mistakes here.

Safety Equipment: Products
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